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Fiberglass Wallpaper/Covering

Sep 24, 2021

Fiberglass wallpaper - one of the most environmentally friendly and durable coatings for walls.


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Fiberglass wallpaper is a kind of cloth made of fiberglass. Fiberglass is a natural material used for the production of dolomite, soda, silica sand and lime. First, components of the above glass are produced, which was subsequently at a temperature of 1200 degrees drawn fibers of various shapes and thicknesses, and from the resulting strands in turn, weave fabric.


The advantages of fiberglass wallpaper


Eco-friendly finishing material does not rot, growth of bacteria, mold. On the qualities comparable to ordinary glass.


Durable and wear-resistant material, the life of 30 -years old, is resistant to chemically aggressive environments, allowing you to use any household products. Designed glass wall for painting, so when choosing cleaning products must be guided by the quality of the paint.

Does not accumulate static electricity, so it does not attract dust. No light in the case of contact with the fire does not emit poisonous toxins.


Creates a healthy climate, as this material has a looped structure that is comparable to the structure of a knitted jersey, and it provides a free flow of water vapor.

What is different between the fiberglass cloth and glass fiber wallpaper


Glass fiber wallpaper is the basis of non-woven, glued together in a random, chaotic manner. Paint fiberglass is usually used for painting, this material well hides the various surfaces defects - cracks and scratches, the walls look like new.


How to apply fiberglass wall pater to the wall? Please see the following for reference:

1  Deal with the wall, shovel the wall skin, approve the wall to be leveled and polish the wall

2  Brush the base film (or varnish) to form a strong protective layer on the wall.

3  Check the wallpaper, wait for the wall to dry, then paste the wallpaper, prepare the glue, pour the wall powder into the basin, slowly add water to make a rice flour paste, add wall glue, mix well, cut the wallpaper, measure the height of the wall, cut the wallpaper Length, apply glue.

4  Use a brush to apply the wallpaper glue on the back of the cut wallpaper, pave the wallpaper, and post the first wallpaper on the door or inside the corner from top to bottom, using a scraper from top to bottom, from inside to outside, lightly Scrape the wallpaper gently, squeeze out the bubbles and excess glue, trim the edges, cut off the excess wallpaper at the upper and lower ends, and then use a sponge to soak in water to completely wipe off the glue remaining on the surface of the wallpaper. 

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