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Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Silicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Fabric

Silicone rubber coated fiberglass fabric is fiberglass cloth coated with silicone rubber, which is temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, and high strength. Silicone rubber coated fiberglass fabric is a newly made product with good properties and multiple applications.

Product Details

Production description

Silicone rubber coated fiberglass fabric is fiberglass cloth coated with silicone rubber, which is temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, and high strength. Silicone rubber coated fiberglass fabric is a newly made product with good properties and multiple applications. Due to its unique and excellent resistance to high temperatures, permeability, and aging, in addition to its durability, this coated fiberglass fabric is widely used in aerospace, chemical industry, large-scale generate electricity equipment, machinery, metallurgy, nonmetal expansion joint (compensator), and etc.

silicone coated fiberglass clothfiberglass cloth red


Used in the temperature form -70℃ to 230℃
Resistant to ozone, oxygen, sunlight, and aging, long using life up to 10 years
High insulating properties, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breaking down voltage: 20-50KV/MM
Good flexibility and high surface friction
Chemical corrosion resistance 

Technical data


40 - 80 inch



Weight (coating)

130 G /m2-2800 G /m2

Coating Surface

single coated, double-coated


red, silver-grey, black, white, yellow, green and etc.


50yards/roll, 100 yards/roll


flame retardant, non flame-retardant

Customized specifications, colors, and packages are available.

heat insulation _2_


Every roll in plastic film & carton, cartons on a pallet.


The product will be loaded into a container in the factory. Then be delivered to the seaport, and finally shipped to the Customers' port by MSK, MSC, CMA, COSCO, YANG MING, APL,  etc.

packing 1 - packing _1


This product should be stored in a dry, ventilated, rainproof place, with temperatures from 5℃to 35℃ and humidity between 35% and 65%. It is recommended to be kept in a safe package when not used to avoid dampness.        



The product in the above table is the standard type Nanjing EFG CO., LTD is delivering to customers. If the customer wants it in specific unit weight, tensile strength, roll width, and roll length, Nanjing EFG CO., LTD can produce fiberglass mat as per the customer’s requirement, and offer tailored service to customers from different countries.  



Our Services 

Nanjing EFG CO., LTD tracks the cargo of every shipment till the customer uses the fiberglass mat, and offers any help for the customer’s demand at any time.

If the customer meets any problem with technic, Nanjing EFG CO., LTD will supply relative knowledge to help the customer find the best solution, and can send a technician to the customer's factory for guidance if necessary. 

factory silicone laminated glass fabricSilicone Rubber Coated Fiberglass Fabric insulation

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