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Fiberglass Wall Covering

Jun 04, 2021

Fiberglass wallcovering 

We are also dealing with fiberglass wall covering. There see something about it:

Material & Process: air-texturized fiberglass yarn woven into the fabric, then coated with special glue into wallcovering.


Application: It’s suitable for different occasions for inner wall decoration, such as hospital, school, hotel, residence, etc. It’s becoming a more and more popular substitute for traditional decoration material due to its more incomparable advantages than normal PVC wallpaper and paint.



l Good air permeability can prevent the wall from moisture or mold;

l High tensile strength of fiberglass can protect wall well by external force;

l Breathable wall covering can avoid bacteria.

l No toxic components, environment friendly;

l Variety of textures and beautiful looking;

l Fire retardant function after combination with adhesive and paint.


Regular size and packing:

1m*25m; 1m*50m

1 roll/bag, shrink package each roll with both protection ends; big carton + pallet

One 20’C can load around 25000m2 to 50000 m2 depends on different items.


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