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High Density/Fiber Glass Thermal & Sound Insulation Rock Wool Price Mineral Wool Board/Blanket/Panel Fire Proof

High Density/Fiber Glass Thermal & Sound Insulation Rock Wool Price Mineral Wool Board/Blanket/Panel Fire Proof

Insulation Panel Alu-coated Fiberglass Ins u lation Panel is made of wet-layout fiberglass mat surfaced with Aluminum Foil. Its key feature is that the mat has a surface of aluminum foil needled with some small holes. This structure allows the material good features of heat reservation, heat...

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Through scientific and objective analysis and collation, our company has carried out accurate and effective market positioning, provided fiberglass mat gypsum panels, fiberglass reinforced polyester, fiberglass roof deck design scheme in line with the needs of enterprise development. We follow rigorous design standards, relentlessly innovative R&D ideas, the concept of manufacturing excellence and the spirit of never-ending service. For the society, we provide a strong impetus for the advancement of modern civilization through the promotion of positive spirituality.


Insulation Panel/Mat/Cloth


Alu-coated Fiberglass Insulation Panel is made of wet-layout fiberglass mat surfaced with Aluminum Foil. Its key feature is that the mat has a surface of aluminum foil needled with some small holes. This structure allows the material good features of heat reservation, heat insulation, acoustic absorption and fire-proofing. All these features make the insulation panel an ideal material to decrease the loss of heat, improve the acoustics environment and keep the building safe from fire.

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It is mainly used as the thermal insulating materials of steam heating pipelines, sound -proof materials in construction and protective layer of super glass wool with excellent functions of fire -resistant, anti-corrosion, heat isolation and sound absorbability. It can also be used as packing materials for the export equipment with the functions of damp proof, mildew proof, fire -existence and anticorrosion.



This aluminum fiberglass fabric is mainly used for the sealing of pipeline seals, the heating and air conditioning ducts, the insulation and water vapor barrier requirements of cold and warm water pipes, the fixed, anti-electronic interference,the isolation of electromagnetic waves,the insulation of engineering and electronics industries.

External wind tube, Ceiling, Sound absorption board, Pipe wrapping.


Product Characteristics:

1, good thermal breakage according to physical principles, Gas thermal conductivity is small, excellent thermal material has a lot of air holes. And the glass fiber heat-resistant cotton produced by our factory has numerous tiny gas holes, and the fibers are arranged irregularly, which is an excellent thermal insulation material, and the heat conductivity is between 0.02-0.040w/cm.k.

2, non-combustible, non-deformable, no embrittlement, high temperature resistance can reach 700 degrees.

3, no binder, no smell, environmental insulation cotton: compared with traditional glass cotton, rock wool products, do not contain any binder, when high temperature will not emit any toxic, pungent smoke.

4. High insulating glass fiber is the best insulating material.

5, high corrosion resistance glass fiber is not afraid of strong acid, strong base, long time will not reduce its functional characteristics.

6, resilience good glass fiber contains countless fixed cavitation, excellent resilience. No fear of any shock, tensile strength are above 1.0kg.

7. Low hygroscopic rates are usually close to zero.

8. The main components of non-toxic and harmless glass fiber are silicide (sio2 accounting for more than 50%)



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We are a modern manufacturer, providing high quality High Density/Fiber Glass Thermal & Sound Insulation Rock Wool Price Mineral Wool Board/Blanket/Panel Fire Proof, serving customers in every corner of the world. We have strong R&D, design, production, and sales capabilities and a good management level, which can be tailored to customers and provide professional services. We're devoted to supply skilled purification technology and options for you personally!
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