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Alkali-resistant glassfiber

May 18, 2021

Alkali-resistant glassfiber

ARG is Alkali-resistant glassfiber.

With the original E-glass fibers, durability was a big issue since the fiber broke down and lost strength in concrete, then the alkali-resistant Glassfibre is developed and made resistant to the high alkali corrosion through the use of zirconium-dioxide.

Huierjie ARG Fiber properties including excellent alkali -resistance with high ZrO2 content of over 16.7%, good tensile & flexural properties, high elastic modulus, freeze-thaw resistance and crack fatigue with excellent impermeability properties.

Huierjie ARG Fiber used in the manufacturing of GRC cladding provides enough opportunities for architects to design ornate and complex exterior high performance & environmentally friendly building cladding solutions.

Look at the difference : 


AR-glass fiber                                     C-glass fiber                                            E-glass fiber 

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