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Here are some tips about fiberglass.

Sep 22, 2020


Do you know fiberglass? 

Here are some tips about fiberglass.

Fiberglass in inorganic, it does not grow mold. It is also water resistant and does not absorb liquid, making it very suitable for use outdoors or in wet rooms that are exposed to moisture.

The material is resistant to the effects of the sun as it is able to withstand both UV light and high heat, which is another reason it is attractive for outdoor use. Moreover, the material is not affected by alkaline substances.

Fiberglass does not conduct electricity.

Fiberglass is used in a number of industrial processes.

Construction: In construction products in particular, it is a common stabilizer. Used in

roofing products, where it is coated in asphalt, as a backing on plasterboard instead of organic cardboard, as a stabilizer in PVC flooring, as lining paper, for insulation, and when reinforcing concrete are just some examples.

Boats & cars: Fiberglass is molded with other materials for interior and exterior components on cars and boats.

Circuit boards: Fiberglass is used in circuit board because it does not conduct current and is strong.


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