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origin of Glass fiber

Aug 07, 2018

Glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance. It has many advantages, such as good insulation, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, but the disadvantage is that it is brittle and wear resistance is poor. It is made of seven kinds of ore of pyrophyllite, quartz sand, limestone, dolomite, borosilicate and borax as raw materials through high-temperature melting, drawing, winding and weaving. The diameter of the monofilament is from several micron to twenty micrometers, equivalent to 1/20-1/5 of a hair strand, each bundle of fiber strands consists of hundreds or even thousands of monofilaments. Glass fiber is commonly used as a reinforcing material in composite materials, electrical insulating materials and thermal insulation materials, circuit boards and other fields of the national economy.

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