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Glass Fiber Sleeve Parts Inspection

Mar 30, 2018

1. Appearance inspection of parts

There was no cracking in the pressed base after the installation of the fiberglass tube. Although weld lines are still visible on the parts, the parts are not cracked. A simple test method is to apply red or blue ink to the weld line of the part to observe whether the ink oozes out of its internal thread hole. If it seeps out, it means there is a crack.

2. Inspection of parts performance

The parts were subjected to high and low temperature aging tests and vibration, impact, and humidity resistance tests according to the technical requirements. Their mechanical properties and electrical properties were in compliance with the requirements of the technical conditions. No cracking was found on the tested base. The base parts pressed and formed by the above process method are stored, parts assembled, and assembled and used in the whole machine. No cracking phenomenon occurs and the use performance is good. Cracking of the base part from the weld line is completely resolved.

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