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Vacuum Insulation Panel

Vacuum Insulation Panel

The product uses ultra-fine fibers as the main material and undergoes a wet lay process. It has the characteristics of small bulk density, low thermal conductivity, good elasticity, and non-combustibility. The product is soft in texture. It has good hand feels. Also, it is easy to cut and construct. It is suitable for applications where space is limited. The product is a high-grade thermal insulation material.

Product Details

Production description

Vacuum Insulation Panel core material

The product uses ultra-fine fibers as the main material and undergoes a wet lay process. It has the characteristics of small bulk density, low thermal conductivity, good elasticity, and non-combustibility. 

The product is soft in texture. It has good hand feels. Also, it is easy to cut and construct. It is suitable for applications where space is limited. The product is a high-grade thermal insulation material.

The main applications: air conditioners, refrigerators, refrigeration equipment, cold insulation of various thermal equipment and their pipes, flange sealing, bellows heat insulation, high-efficiency heat insulation, and sound insulation of instruments, meters, electronics, and chemical equipment.

Vacuum Insulation Panel

(VIP Board) is the abbreviation of English Vacuum Insulation Panel. It is a kind of vacuum insulation material. It is composed of filling core material and a vacuum protection surface layer. This product effectively avoids heat transfer caused by air convection, so it conducts heat. The coefficient can be greatly reduced, to less than 0.0025w/(MK), and it does not contain any ODS materials. 

It has the characteristics of environmental protection and high efficiency and energy saving. It is currently the most advanced high-efficiency insulation material in the world.

Vacuum Insulation panel heat preservation materialVacuum Insulation Panel

Technical data

Core Material Performance

Core Material Index

VIP material Performance






Diameter of Fiber(um)


Size (length " width)


Thermal Conductivity((W/m-k)


Thermal conductivity(W/m·k


Service Time(Years)


Service Time(Years)




Internal gas pressure


Max Widthmm)


Geometric figure

Square and various special-shaped

Moisture Content(%)



Refrigerators and freezers

VIP for household refrigerators and cold storage, it provides excellent heat insulation.

1. The wall thickness decreases, and increases the storage capacity.

2. Reduce heat loss.

3. Energy consumption will be reduced by 40%.


Cold chain

Used for temperature storage requirement logistics transport, such as refrigerated trucks of drugs and medications.

1. The storage time increase.

2. Improve heat preservation performance improvement.

3. Bearing capacity increase.

4. Reduce transportation costs.


Building insulation

VIP is used for building insulation. It can reach level A fire prevention. It can be used in cathedrals, prefabricated roofs, doors, outside walls, balconies, and renovation.

Packing & Loading 

1. Roll packaging: PE plastic film.

2. Pallet packaging: Pallets should NOT be stacked in more than 2 layers.

    The pallet is free of fumigation, fumigation certificate is available.


The product will be loaded into a container in the factory. Then be delivered to the seaport, and finally shipped to the Customers' port by MSK, MSC, CMA, COSCO, YANG MING, APL,  etc.



This product should be stored in a dry, ventilated, rainproof place, with temperatures from 5℃to 35℃ and humidity between 35% and 65%. It is recommended to be kept in a safe package when not used to avoid dampness.                                       




The product in the above table is the standard type Nanjing EFG CO., LTD is delivering to customers. If the customer wants it in specific unit weight, tensile strength, roll width, and roll length, Nanjing EFG CO., LTD can produce fiberglass mat as per the customer’s requirement, and offer tailored service to customers from different countries.  



Our Services 

Nanjing EFG CO., LTD tracks the cargo of every shipment till the customer uses the fiberglass mat, and offers any help for the customer’s demand at any time.

If the customer meets any problem with technic, Nanjing EFG CO., LTD will supply relative knowledge to help the customer find the best solution, and can send a technician to the customer's factory for guidance if necessary. 

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