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Fiberglass filter veil

Aug 16, 2022

Information about filter

1. Chemical fiber non-woven filter material: scientific name polyester fiber, commonly known as non-woven fabric, has extensive use, technical maturity, good stability, and other technical characteristics, is currently thick in China. Typical filter material for medium effect plate and bag filter. Compared with other filters of the same level, it has stable quality, large dust tolerance, strong moisture resistance, long service life, economic durability, and other advantages. Non-woven fabric production cost is low and more common in the use of primary filtering.

2. Synthetic fiber filter: can comprehensively replace the non-woven cloth and glass fiber covering thick, medium, efficient (G3-H13) series filtration products in the general filtration environment.Relative to the non-woven cloth, small resistance, lightweight, and large dust capacity.

3. Fiberglass filter material (commonly used for high-efficiency filter); glass fiber filter material is mainly made of various glass red fibers by special processing process.Because fiberglass has high-temperature resistance, high efficiency, long service life, environmental protection, and other characteristics. Can be widely used in the general ventilation system of the bag filter and high-efficiency filter. Glass fiber filters and synthetic fiber filters have good performance, and the relative price is higher than non-woven fabric.

4. In fact, imported cotton fiber is a new filtration material mixed and composite between chemical fiber and cotton fiber. It is mainly used in coarse effects and the pre-filtration of general air conditioning systems. It also has the characteristics of small resistance, large dust tolerance, lightweight, stable performance, economy, and environmental protection.

5. Long fiber series, chemical fiber, synthetic, fiberglass fiber filter has corresponding long fiber varieties, mainly filtered by 10um large particles (e. g. dust) in dry special occasions (such as spraying workshop). Large dust capacity, and high capture rate, can be made into a filter pad or plate structure of the initial filter, medium filter, high-efficiency filter, easy paving, and replacement.


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