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Fiberglass reinforced plastic profiles support large terrace balconies

Aug 28, 2020


fiberglass reinforced plastic (GFRP) profiles are used to support large terrace balconies that extend and surround a large seawater pool.


modern architectural design while using innovative materials as well as building traditional materials. this design requires high mechanical properties and chemical resistance in saline environments and is highly corrosive to metals. besides the possibility of reducing the cost of structural maintenance, these combined requirements lead to the selection of GFRP profiles to create load-bearing structures of terraces.G FRP the internal technical department of the parts manufacturer designed 15 terraces, each with a different size and shape. Mainly used C200I200 and H200 glass fiber reinforced polyester resin beam, with stainless steel corner bracket and steel plate connection.


Cost effective standard size GFRP profiles provide corrosion resistant frames for 15 different profiled balconies. GFRP beams for each terrace are usually supported by only two or three concrete columns. due to the thickness limitation of the finished concrete slab depth, it is necessary to design a solution involving the coplanar main frame and the secondary frame. For example, one end of the main load-bearing beam is placed on a concrete slab and the other end is placed on a prop. then, another orthogonal is fixed at the end of these main beams to support the secondary frame. the number and direction of the beam vary with the irregular shape of each terrace. for terraces lacking sufficient concrete slabs and prop support, longer beams and stainless steel connecting plates are required to keep the structure as thin and streamlined as possible. thermal load is also considered in the design phase. The lightness of the profiles, the flexibility provided by the machinability of the materials and the simplicity of the bolt connections make it easy to preform the structures and hardware kits, and the site construction is fast, with less than two days per terrace. From the architectural and engineering point of view, excellent final results demonstrate G FRP advantages over more commonly used traditional materials. "It's another step towards the future of architecture, which proves that we are using G FRP". more and more in the field of civil engineering and architecture


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