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series products of ceramic fiber

Jan 18, 2021

Look at our new products, series products of ceramic fiber. You can find more detais in our web page.

Ceramic Fibre (RCF) featured aluminosilicate ceramic fibers as the main raw material ,made of wet forming process.

It is a advanced lightweight refractories. Suitable for high temperature heat insulation, thermal insulation, sealing, electrical insulation,sound-absorbing, filtering, buffering,etc. 

The products can be used as below:

The furnace door and body sealing material

Cast aluminum liner model, stripping glass ceramics

Hot melt glass, high temperature sealing gasket

Insulation equipment heating device and electric

Sealing, anti-corrosion materials

Household appliances, electric heating insulation device

All kinds of electrical components

Automobile, aerospace industry


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