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Fiberglass Acoustic Panels Covered With Printed Fire-retardant Fabric

Sep 16, 2022

Fiberglass acoustic panels covered with printed fire-retardant fabric

We cut the fiberglass board into pieces that are 0.8cm in thickness( see the first photo ), then cover the boards with absorbing cloth in various colors you like(see the picture in the middle), and at last, we put up the acoustic boards on the walls. This way, they can decorate the walls and have a good sound-absorbing effect.

There is another way. Just put up raw fiberglass boards on the wall, then cover the boards with flame retardant/sound absorbing cloth(see the last photo ). You can print the cloth with pictures whatever you like.


Acoustic decoration panels can be applied in music rooms, cinemas, karaoke rooms, and meeting rooms wherever needed to decrease noise. We have already done several decoration projects with acoustic boards in China. The outcome is very good. People like it. 

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