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Reinforced Fiberglass Paving Mat

Reinforced Fiberglass Paving Mat

Fiberglass Composite Mat creates innovative solutions to help the paving projects to go smoothly and provides superior performance at airport runways, superhighways, parking areas, and business lots.

Product Details

Production description

Fiberglass Composite Mat creates innovative solutions to help the paving projects to go smoothly and provides superior performance at airport runways, superhighways, parking areas, and business lots. 

Polyester Fiberglass Paving Mat is produced from the mixture of polyester fiber and glass fiber in the wet layout process. The combination of glass fiber and polyester fiber is the key to its performance. After mixing the two fibers together, the polyester fiberglass mat keeps good features of both fibers and minimizes shortcomings of both fibers. Strong tensile strength makes polyester-fiberglass composite mat especially suitable for waterproofing of payments; it extends the life of pavement through the delay of reflective cracking. 

Polyester fiberglass composite mat also serves as an effective moisture barrier. The unique, non-woven, polyester-fiberglass structure of the mat allows the asphalt binder to fully penetrate and fill voids within the mat, limiting moisture infiltration and preventing water from infiltrating into the granular layers of the pavement structure.

composite mat


Delays reflective cracking

Provides a Moisture Barrier

Easy installation

Fully Millable and Recyclable

Low risk of product shrinkage during the overlay process

Technical data

Product Code
Area WeightG/m290-110130-150
Tensile Strength MDN/5cm220300
Tensile Strength CDN/5cm220300
Polyester fiber content%20-4020-40
Glassfiber content%50-7050-70
Binder content%15-2515-25
Melting point230230
Asphalt absorption capacityL/m211.11
Elongation MD%<5<5
Elongation CMD%<5<5


1. PF1003/5 is used as waterproofing, insulation, and soundproof material on the wall and ceiling.

2. PF136-600 is used as a paving mat on highways, airport runways

composite application fiberglass composite application

Packing & Loading 

1. Roll packaging: PE plastic film.

2. Pallet packaging: Pallets should NOT be stacked in more than 2 layers.

    The pallet is free of fumigation, fumigation certificate is available.

composite mat packing


The product will be loaded into a container in the factory. Then be delivered to the seaport, and finally shipped to the Customers' port by MSK, MSC, CMA, COSCO, YANG MING, APL,  etc.



This product should be stored in a dry, ventilated and rainproof place, with temperatures from 5℃to 35℃ and humidity between 35% and 65%. It is recommended to be kept in a safe package when not used to avoid dampness.        



The product in the above table is the standard type Nanjing EFG CO., LTD is delivering to customers. If the customer wants it in specific unit weight, tensile strength, roll width, and roll length, Nanjing EFG CO., LTD can produce fiberglass mat as per the customer’s requirement, offer tailored service to customers from different countries.  



Our Services 

Nanjing EFG CO., LTD tracks the cargo of every shipment till the customer uses the fiberglass mat, and offers any help for the customer’s demand at any time.

If the customer meets any problem with technic, Nanjing EFG CO., LTD will supply relative knowledge to help the customer find the best solution, and can send a technician to the customer's factory for guidance if necessary. 


A: Instruction to use the polyester fiberglass paving mat

◆Remove dirt, gravel, and dust from the pavement to assure good adhesion between asphalt and pavement.

◆ If the road is damaged, it must be repaired to make the surface of the road hard and smooth.
◆ For a good result, the asphalt binder that will be used to adhere the Paving Mat to the road must be hot asphalt, but not emulsified asphalt.

◆ The temperature of hot asphalt should be between 163℃ and 204 ℃.
◆ When the hot asphalt covered the road, the Reinforced Fiberglass Paving Mat must be overlaid onto the hot asphalt before the asphalt lose its mobility so as to assure the mat is fully soaked by asphalt and effectively provides a moisture barrier.  

◆ For installation of the Reinforced Fiberglass Paving Mat, the air temperature must be higher than 4 ℃.

B: How to install the Reinforced Fiberglass Paving Mat

◆Reinforced Fiberglass Paving Mat must be installed on Hot asphalt. We recommend the following asphalt. AC-20; PG64-22; AR8000 +, or the asphalt with penetrating rates 60-80. In extremely hot summer, we recommend using asphalt with high viscosity, such as AC-30; PG67-22; AR8000 +, or the asphalt with penetrating grade 40-60.
◆ The best ratio of asphalt is 1.1 liters / square meters paving mat, but subject to the project site situation during installation, the ratio can be between 1.0-and 1.3 liters / square meters. According to the different area weights of the Reinforced Fiberglass Paving Mat, the ratio of asphalt should be adjusted accordingly. During delivery of asphalt, we do not suggest heating the asphalt with a temperature higher than 204 ℃, because this would hinder the pre-mature of liquid asphalt.

◆ Handle the Reinforced Fiberglass Paving Mat with care during installation, the paving mat may be damaged or it may cause bad result if the paving mat drop from the installation machine.

During the installation, if it forms a stripe bigger than 2.5cm in any direction, the stripes must be cut and overlaid, and the two layers of paving mat must be fully covered by asphalt so as to assure the two layers of paving mat fully soaked by the hot asphalt. Use a roller to press the paving mat or use a brush to handle the paving mat so as to clear out bubbles in the paving mat to assure the paving mat has fully adhered to the road. When covering the hot asphalt on the road, the width of the asphalt should be 4 inches more than the width of the paving mat. Since the paving mat can not be curved, for the winding area of the road the paving mat can be cut into several pieces and be installed on the road manually or mechanically.

For the connection of two pieces of paving mat, the two layers of paving mat must be overlapped together. In the longitudinal direction, the width of the overlapped area must be at least 10.2cm, and in the lateral direction, the width of the overlapped area must be at least 5.1cm.

◆ If the installation machine or other vehicles have to drive on the paving mat, it should not turn directions frequently or suddenly, so as to avoid damaging the paving mat. Do not scatter sand or another object on the paving mat; to avoid asphalts sticking to the tire of the machine, do not minimize the ratio of bitumen.

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