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Introduction Of Silicone Fiberglass Sleeves

Mar 30, 2018

Silicone fiberglass sleeves (also known as enamel sleeves or self-extinguishing tubes) are made of alkali-free glass fibers woven into a tube and then dip-coated with a silicone resin and heat-cured. It has strong dielectric properties, high heat resistance, good self-extinguishing and softness, and is widely used in Class H insulation motors, household appliances, lighting, electric products, electrical equipment and heat-resistant electrical products. Insulation protection. Products in the domestic industry with a leading position, has a high reputation, trusted by the majority of customers, products throughout the country more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, best-selling home and abroad. Products have passed UL and SGS certification, in line with the EU RoHS directive environmental requirements, prompt delivery, price concessions.

1, the temperature range: -60 °C ~ +200 °C;

2. Rated voltage: 1200V, 1500V, 2500V, 4000V, 7000V;

3, common specifications: Φ0.8mm ~ Φ40mm;

4, common colors: white, black, red, other colors can be customized;

5, the length of the package: 100 meters / roll or 50 meters / roll;

6. Applicable scope: Suitable for wire insulation protection of household electrical appliances, electronic motors, various wire harnesses, wire rods, lighting, electric heating products, electrical equipment and heat-resistant electrical appliances, etc. It has strong insulation, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance.

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