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Fiberglass Mat Coated With Cement

Aug 24, 2022

Fiberglass mat coated with cement

cement coated fiberglass matcoated fiberglass matinsulation board with coated fiberglass mat

The coated fiberglass mat is a functional material to be covered on the surface of external wall insulation board such as mineral wool board and polyurethane board, which use fiberglass mat as a base material, being coated with the compound of stone powder, cement, binder, and other functional fillers. After covering with the coated fiberglass mat, the break strength of the insulation board is obviously improved, the coated fiberglass actually become a shielder of the insulation board, increasing the waterproofing future of the insulation board. 

Since the coated mat is covered with cement and stone powder, which makes the insulation board can be attached to the wall with cement dire city, simplified the mounting process.

4-2 - Wall with traditional insulation board4

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